GVF Network Validation

Quality Assurance Initiative

MAHDI BAGH COMPUTERS PRIVATE LIMITED is one of the key Consultants empanelled with GVF for this initiative worldwide. Need: To Identify Gaps; Optimize Overall performance; Enhance Stability; Save Costs; Mitigate Interference & Modernize. The end-to end flow is as follow-s

Our team of domain knowledge experts undertake following,

Planning : Wherein Interviews, meetings and group discussions is conducted with end user-s as well as service providers and OEM-s who support or contribute towards management of the network operations. This is to mainly understand the applications, key requirements and priorities vis-a-vis criticalities of applications, so as to get an overall picture of the network, its design and current operations. In this phase we study the initial TOR; Contract & Order from the client; so as to quantify and set benchmarks for measurements vis-a-vis availability in the Gap Analysis. Technical Whetting & On Site Visit-s:

Technical Evaluation : Review Link Budget; Test Latency; Ping Response; Get data from the NMS, Visit Hub, NOC & Teleport; check on the Backhaul performance, etc.

Site Visits: Conduct Site Visits. Assess the Quality of Installation & Maintenance; Weather proofing of connectors; Placement of the equipments Outdoor & Indoor; Check the Power Condition; Grounding; Test Antenna Optimization & Peaking; Verify Interference if any, (Identity source) Conduct tests on the link; Measure parameters with Spectrum Analyzer; Review applications performance from the remote site like Audio-Video conference/Data Transfer or FTP-s, etc.

Coordination: Constantly interact with the Hub - NOC - End User SPOC and Other Service provider/OEM/System Integrator who has equipments in the particular network. Get the client service providers/respective support entity in the room together and explain findings, suggest fine tuning and bring them on the same page, to ensure solution for optimum performance. Wherever needed, to educate the customer and explain the capabilities/limitations of the network they use, thereby set right the expectation level.

Reporting: Prepare consolidated report of the findings; Discuss Solutions & Efforts needed to optimize; Mention agreed roadmap by the service provider and the client for performance enhancement. List Recommendations & Submit Hard as well as Soft copies (Including photographs; Screen shots; available NMS screen shots; etc.)

Benefits of Quality Assurance

Service Provider & Technology Partner: Improvement in Quality of Service; Review Sizing of Network on Satellite Bandwidth as well as Backhaul; Opportunity to introduce new and modern technology upgrade; Identify and advocate steps to mitigate interferences; Optimize and Save on resources as the stability and performance increases the site visits and spares requirement reduces, thereby saving on Opex leading better realization of AMC revenue. Therefore a Happy Loyal Long Term Customer. Ensuring steady revenues and repeat business.

End User & Client: The Resultant Network Performance Efficiency; Stability; Reliability; would lead to Dependability; Realization of true value of money spent, Thus Increased Productivity.

Follow On Program:

Like FMSR and Facility Management Service Resource is suggested to ensure that the recommendation implementation if coordinated and progress is monitored, to achieve results. Skilled, Experienced manpower is embedded with the end user to facilitate and coordinate service delivery through the service provider. End user capacity building is done thru Basic Satcom Training & Certification program, to ensure quick mitigation-s; resolution-s resulting in high overall performance.

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Network Validation for African Development Bank