Evan Telecom

Evan Telecom Specializes into providing high end Consultancy & Expertize in Satellite based communication. This is in addition to providing Skilled, Qualified & Experienced manpower resources. Our strength and experience is with Satellite Systems, Communications; Quality Assurance Progarms; Defence and Societal Application working on Satellite based Communications.

We are providing management and advisory support to companies. Deployed human resources which includes Facility Management Services at Government's Security and Survillence establishment. The mandate is 24x7x365 operation, maintainance and monitoring support of Satcom equipments, systems at multiple fixed locations, as well as mobile transportables as and when deployed. (Further details cannot be shared due to the sensitivity of the project and our Non Disclosure commitments).

Directors on Board

Dr. Bhaskaranarayana Moin Malak Riaz Lamak

Dr. Bhaskaranarayana

Mr. Moin Malak

Mr. Riaz Lamak